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Single Medical Record

AcquisHEALTH  Integration

A Single Shared Patient Medical Record


At the platform’s core is a secure, single patient care record, architected on the concept of a single, immutable, longitudinal, sharable record of a patient’s health throughout their entire life.


Integrated identity management provides secure, role-based access to the record by authorized users. Made to be accessible by healthcare professionals, community care teams, and patients, it provides a single source of truth for the patient and their care providers in integrated healthcare scenarios.


Health care professionals can build personalized patient dashboards in seconds, allowing them to visualize each patient’s data based on their medical condition quickly.

Episodes of care


Episodes of Care (EOC): Describes when a patient has a series of encounters and treatment protocols with a particular provider or service, for example, a cancer treatment program or a general health visit to their Primary Care Physician. All episodes of care are recorded in chronological order in the patient’s timeline.


Users can filter pertinent information from the filter drop-down menus above the list to quickly find what's needed.

The EOC can be filtered by various healthcare services and programs, for example, by practice, healthcare service, and healthcare service program.

The single care record source of truth for the patient and their care providers without borders

Easy-to-populate patient

care records

Filter results for fast 

visualization of data


Standard International Interoperability Format


AcquisHEALTH is built using the FHIR data standard 

while supporting international clinical terminologies such as

Snomed CT, Snowstorm CT and ICD10/11 to
maximize data quality while minimizing data errors  -

ensuring maximum interoperability and

(most importantly) improving patient outcomes

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