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About Acquis BI


Acquis BI is a specialist technology focused company based in Silicon Valley, California & Ireland. The company has a proved history of developing innovative data integration and data management technologies for large complex cloud-based systems including national census, utility network management and healthcare. Since its inception, in 2007 Acquis BI has developed enterprise and cloud-based solutions transforming disparate data into centralized business intelligence, for the government and utility markets.

In 2014 Acquis BI extended our reach into the healthcare market and into Europe opening a health technology division in Ireland. Following the same principles we applied to the business intelligence market AcquisHEALTH integration platform was developed. Our technology philosophy remains constant; open, accessible, yet secure and integrated.


​Acquis BI is a US, Woman Owned Business (WOB). The founders hail from Ireland and have invested in both the USA and Ireland for almost two decades, supporting research and innovation in technology and health innovations globally.

The Home of Innovators

We believe in driving user focused innovation and excellence in our teams. Our teams work with cutting edge technologies and are constantly innovating and collaborating. In Acquis BI we pivot quickly to respond to new scientific, market and technology innovations and prepare for new market trends. We provide Special Paid Leave (SPTO) to aid our individuals when they or their families need support. Everyone has a voice and collaboration and ideas are always encouraged as they generally lead to innovations. 
Our Mission 
Our mission is to give communities and organizations the ability to benefit from collaborating with each other, by providing the power to securely access, modify and mobilize information while maintaining individual privacy rights.
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