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Services for Success

Business Process Innovation

Sensor Services

Our Subject Matter Experts can help you eliminate redundant business processes and technology operations to pave

the way to streamlined workflows

and integrated operational


Our technology leaders help

maximize your ROI by re-evaluating current workflows and designing

efficient and effective processes that make your technology work for you.

Acquis BI can provide expert services in the design and

development of cloud infrastructure design and capture and

aggregation of sensor technology data. 


Whether it's smart field data or smart health technology, Acquis BI can design, aggregate, and integrate your smart technology with your existing data to provide invaluable real-time insights and add incredible value to your business and your customers. 


Enterprise Consulting

Our industry specialists help you evaluate and assess your

key business goals and technical needs. Succeed today

with an experienced resource capable of advising and leading

technical support and training within your organization.

From agile to acceptance, Acquis BI program managers are domain experts across a variety of industries including utilities, planning, and healthcare. We can meet your specific needs by providing either a project-dedicated software engineering team to deliver fast successful solutions or provide a project management package to help you train and manage your personnel. 

Program Management & Development Team Services 

Analytics Services


Transform business information into business intelligence. Analyze complex data using Acquis BI cross-functional analysis services. Get the support you need to uncover strategic goals, and see how your data can add value to achieving your goals. We provide custom design for dashboards, scoreboards, and ad-hoc queries.

Data Visualization

Seeing is believing. Our services team will work with you to uncover your requirements and analytics needs to unlock the value of your data. Our team designs dynamic dashboards using AcquisHEALTH to combine healthcare medical record information with smart technology data to provide new research insights and individual patient care. Our experts can help design custom visualization tools to help care providers see the big picture.

Expert Services

Acquis BI provides a complete range of technical support and consultancy services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Project planning

  • Requirements analysis

  • Application design and development system deployment

  • Software testing, including unit testing, system integration, and testing

  • Regression testing

  • System and developer training

  • System documentation

  • Software maintenance

  • Ongoing technical support services




Acquis BI provides a selection of support programs and services.


Our excellent support response times and integrated help desk quickly get your needed help.


Contact us to discuss your needs.



Acquis BI provides specialized

training services.


We work with your organization's teams

to transfer knowledge and grow your in-house talent.


We provide a variety of training solutions, both self-guided, online tutorials, and custom instructor-led services.

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