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The AcquisCONNECT Platform

AcquisCONNECT is a secure, horizontally scalable, cloud-based platform that enables developers to quickly build and deploy complex web applications. It includes a series of secure APIs which are individually simple yet can be integrated to facilitate the build and deployment of modular role-based applications that solve the most complex business challenges. Each application can leverage some or all the core functions previously developed within the framework.

The AcquisCONNECT integration platform intersects

business intelligence and spatial intelligence

Unmatched speed and performance

AcquisCONNECT includes a comprehensive range of Oracle Spatial Topology, Geometry, and Feature attribute editing tools that leverage the platform's unique AcquisINTELLICACHE technology format to deliver unmatched system performance for complex topological edits.

Integrated event processor service detects and processes updates generated outside of the application itself, ensuring updates from external systems (such as batch update systems) are managed in sequence to ensure data integrity. 


Relevant people with
relevant access at the right time

 AcquisCONNECT integration platform enables multiple modules (apps) to work in concert to perform end-to-end operational processes across many users, organizations, and communities. Users can access, generate and validate information facilitating up-to-the-minute information needs. Using multiple modules build custom workflows with the steps that work for your business model. 

Integrated geospatial capabilities

AcquisCONNECT gives you integrated mapping capabilities to draw, edit, and query map features, demographics and business information.


Our easy to use mapping tools are integrated into business processes enabling mapping intelligence within business operations.


Cross check information geospatially with other relevant planning activities, demographics and information to mitigate conflicts and improve overall outcomes.

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