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Novel Multi-Level Encryption


AcquisHEALTH  Data

The AcquisHEALTH platform provides a novel multi-level encryption approach for maximum data security.


Personal Information (PI) data is stored in SQL technology, while medical and lifestyle data are stored in anonymized NoSQL technology. Different encryption techniques are applied to the SQL and No SQL data stores. Additional security is provided by a randomized encryption  key technique that continually changes the encryption keys.


The AcquisHealth platform includes a fully integrated identity management module that enables organizations to manage users who can access the system and control what each authorized user can see and do based on their role in the patient’s healthcare journey.


User access can be tailored to very granular detail. For example, allowing specific users to see only certain sections of a record while only granting others access to a completely different dataset for clinical, regulatory, ethical, or other reasons. Administrators might only be able to view a patient's demographic details and the patients upcoming appointments,  nurse practitioners might be able to view scheduled tests while the consultant physician would be able to view all the details in the patient's medical record.


Audit logs keep track of access roles, and users will only be able to access the data via a secure authentication system on a case-by-case basis.


  • Stored on ISO Certified servers in the location of your choice.

  • Compliant, Secure Data at Rest

  • Full national and international data collection compliance (GDPR/HIPPA)

  • Secure Data in Transit

  • Horizontally and vertically scalable solution

  • Unique 256-bit randomized multilevel encryption

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