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Smart Medical Device

Smart Medical Devices and Biosensor Data Integration


AcquisHealth is designed to leverage the latest Smart Medical Device and Biosensor technologies. Patient-generated data from these smart devices is aggregated with the patient’s medical data to enable real-time

diagnostics and treatment protocols thereby improving patient outcomes.

Smart Healthcare devices such as wearable biosensors can now used to monitor patients and administer proactive healthcare. Vital health signs like heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, SpO2 can be monitored on a 24/7 basis to give healthcare providers more accurate information on a patient’s condition and overall health.

AcquisHEALTH  Integration

Real time collection, aggregation and integration of  patient reported data from smart medical devices and wearables with a patient's medical record.

The single medical record ensures that it is easy to analyze and display the aggregated data in dynamic patient-centric dashboards that can be tailored to a condition or pathway as required.


A single medical record that both clinicians and patients can contribute to ensures that care is collaborative and more effective. Furthermore, health data is captured on a continuous timeline rather than  single points in time. This helps with compliance and ultimately facilitates better health outcomes while potentially reducing costs and medical errors. Patients are more in control of their data and can ensure it’s up-to-date and accurate.

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