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The Acquis NetCONNECT platform is a real-time network connectivity analysis solution for utility organizations. With Acquis NetCONNECT, a user can dynamically alter the attribution of network components and study the changes to the connectivity of the model.

Acquis NetCONNECT  Network Management

Real-time Network Connectivity Analysis

Simulate Network Asset Management

Acquis NetCONNECT allows a user to simulate the opening and closing of assets on the network and analyzing the affect that closure has on the flow of water to the rest of the network. The results of the analysis are presented to the user using a customizable JSON output.

Integrated Network Intelligence

The detailed output in the analysis result can be easily customized to include any business data about that asset. Configuration files are used to define the types of information to be returned in the result set based on the specific layers of data in the dataset.


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