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AcquisHEALTH  Patient Portal


Improve patient access to research, reduce costs, and speed up development with the AcquisHEALTH Clinical Trials Module


Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) can improve patient access to research, reduce costs, and speed up the development of new treatments. 


The AcquisHEALTH Clinical Trial Module provides robust data security and privacy protections. It is carefully designed to provide reliable and practical support for DCTs since they collect sensitive data, including medical records, genomic data, and patient-reported outcomes. The module securely stores and transmits these data to ensure unauthorized individuals do not access it. For example, DCTs require new ways to collect and manage data, monitor patients, and communicate with investigators and researchers.


The AcquisHEALTH CTM complies with the regulatory framework for US and EU clinical trials. It addresses the new challenges of DCTs, such as how to ensure that patients are appropriately informed about the risks and benefits of participating and how to monitor patients for adverse events. 


We are revolutionizing the way clinical trials are conducted. By making them more convenient and accessible for patients, DCTs can increase participation rates and improve the quality of data collected. This can lead to faster development of new treatments, making the most of research funds, and providing better patient outcomes.

  • Comprehensive Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that allows the capture and secure storage of all data for your research studies.

  • Built-in interoperability Data can be imported automatically from (standards-compliant) EHRs, reducing time/costs and improving data quality and efficiency. Built upon the FHIR standard and supports coding standards like ICD-10.

  • Data validation is built-in as it’s entered, enhancing data efficiency and quality

  • Support for key research features like randomization, document storage (consent forms, imaging) and data export for use in other platforms, such as statistical packages.

  • Global Multi-site support Studies can be run within the AcquisHEALTH platform, ensuring data security and integrity no matter where your study takes place.

Top Benefits at a Glance


  • Built-in patient portal allows participants to fill in forms (such as consent forms) or upload device data as part of patient reported outcomes (PROs) and/or decentralized trials.

  • Easy-to-use study creation wizard Researchers can create, set up, and run their study, separate it into stages (eligibility/consent/visits), capture various data types (text, images, calculations), and invite users and participants at each stage in minutes with an intuitive interface.

  • Administrative Study Management Interface View and manage multiple studies within an organization, including ethical approval, documentation, roles and access as well as audit and other regulatory and clinical requirements at a glance.

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Our clinical research partner conducted a study in the area of stroke. They had already started data collection for their international study but it was all in documents and spreadsheets stored locally on individual machines in their hospital.


They needed a way to easily and securely collect data from multiple sites around the world, ensure that this data was all stored and formatted the same way and could be securely transmitted and analyzed easily.




We ran an exploratory study for a medical device manufacturer using their smart medical device, a smartwatch and a heart sensor. They were able to integrate and view all data from the study using the AcquisHEALTH Platform.


Packed with unique features and benefits

  • Built in API support to stream data from EHR to EDC with data reusability (FHIR/CDISC Mapping). Select data can be back to the patient via Patient Portal.

  • Ease of use – Designed so that you can start and run your study without us. We have built in wizards to help you design, test and run your study as quickly and easily as possible. You can also monitor your multi-site study in real-time and detect issues as they are reported in the system, such as increased study attrition (lost to follow up)

  • Data accuracy; increased data quality and decreased data errors

  • Friendly pricing – Our application is significantly more cost-effective than running a paper based study, and priced for as small or large that your project is.

  • Built-in encryption by default – we take security very seriously. Our software is used by the US government. Other companies charge for security as an added extra. It comes standard with AcquisHEALTH.


  • Centralized data collection – your entire study data and documents can be stored securely in one place, whether that is data you collect or Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) or data from wearables and medical devices.

  • Add ePRO part here and wearable/sensor data 

  • Speed of study deployment

  • Real-time visibility of your data across all sites

  • Easier to manage and detect issues as they happen

  • Data compliance and security (ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA)(INCOMPLETE) FDA part 21 compliance.

  • Increased patient engagement & program compliance

  • Researchers and patients can upload and store information easily in AcquisHEALTH Patient Portal. Data you collect, patient-reported outcomes (PRO), and data from wearables and medical devices are stored securely in one place.

  • Patients can take part right from their location, resulting in a significant amount of cost savings with EDC/eCRF vs. paper and other methods and reductions in site visits, travel expenses for patients, and better data quality and validation.

Roadblocks from the research lab to clinical practice


Health research can be full of promise and potential - until the reality of cost hits. Healthcare Funding for research studies is highly competitive, only sometimes available, and requires tremendous organization up front just to apply. Stumbling blocks like this are stopping progress for people that need it. The AcquisHEATH platform can solve these today and tomorrow challenges for better, faster progress through research.


Missed opportunities to manage and collaborate on studies across research organizations with collaborative administrative, compliance, ethical, and regulatory tools.

Clinical trial software is prohibitively expensive for non-pharma organizations.

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) in non-clinical and non-compliant environments (Word, Excel, and Google Docs, for example) introduce data security and data quality risks that result in corruption and loss.

Sensor integration and decentralized trial solutions have opened an avenue for research but require significant investment. We can leverage these data sources today for real-time analysis now.

A patient cannot typically re-use study data as part of their regular care. For example, a test ordered for a study would now be added to the patient's record, saving crucial time and costs to the patient and their providers.


How AcquisHEALTH is Translating Innovative Research into Clinical Practice Now


We make funds go further with affordable integrated solutions focusing on research instead of technology implementation. Clinical trial software can be based on shared costs and shared services.

By securing shared clinical data in clinically compliant environments with tools like eCRF, ePRO, and eConsent using decentralized, globalized, and internationalized features that maximize and speed up research outcomes that will get to clinicians faster.

Provision of a secure, single, properly accessed repository for all research data, management, and administration.

Integration of sensor and device data in real-time enables further, faster innovation in predictive analysis.

Decentralization and distribution of trial solutions with a tailored patient portal (ePRO) that empowers patients to securely share their trial data with their primary care providers for their benefit while reducing redundancy and pressure on healthcare services for assessments already carried out by trials. 

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