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 One platform:

  • multiple applications

  • multiple industries

  • multiple users, roles,and permissions

Simple Yet Powerful.

Secure, Multi Application, Single Platform Solution

Time to modernize?

Build and deploy your organizations applications on one framework, to eliminate data silos, improve collaboration, always work with the most up to date information.


Get patients from hospitals into the community. Transform rehabilitative healthcare into the community. Learn more.


Avoid conflicts. Avoid public works conflicts. See how AcquisCONNECT map based conflict resolution solutions can help you. Learn more. 


It's all about modernizing and moving to the cloud. Modernizing operations requires modernizing technology. Learn more. 

Improve saftey and response times. See how AcquisCONNECT's integrated mapping and business solutions help support your customers. Learn more. 

When one size does not fit all, from planning and permitting to community healthcare, AcquisCONNECT modules extend our industry-specific applications to power cross-functional collaboration with partners and citizens.


SEE     View all your data in real-time without the complexity of multiple systems and data silos. 


DO      Enable access to internal and external partners to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information

  to run your business.


SOLVE      Use our advanced analytics for all your data, mapping, and business for the best results.


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