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We're ISO/IEC 27001 Certified.

AcquisBI ISO certified

AquisBI is proud to announce that it has achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Certification of this Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard strengthens our commitment to our customers' systems and data security while ensuring Acquis BI continuously improves our organizational security performance. Unlike GDPR and HIPPA, ISO27001:2022 does not only focus on personal data privacy. It encompasses all aspects of general operations and involves every employee and process. Conformity to this standard means that our company has established an ISMS system to manage risks related to the security of data owned or handled by the company. This system respects all the best practices and principles enshrined in this International Standard.


The ISO/IEC 27001 certificate has been awarded to AcquisBI for providing software design, development, and services, including business process engineering, system architecture design, implementation, and maintenance.


Specifically, to become ISO/IEC 27001 compliant, Prescient Security has independently assessed us against internationally recognized standards, showing our commitment to quality and assurance.


ISO/IEC 27001 Certification is maintained and recertified over a 3-year cycle of rigorous evaluations and audits to identify corrective actions that eliminate non-conformance to the quality management standard. Implementation required a total commitment from each employee throughout the organization. This involved training and participation throughout the year, ensuring everyone has designated ISMS time assigned to them to design, develop, implement, test, and audit all the procedures to create our ISMS and reach certification. The job is not done yet, as we continue to evolve and extend the reach of our ISMS with each new product, process, and employee. Acquis BI used VANTA to help define each security control and collaborate on all aspects, from training to certification. We want to thank our personnel for their commitment and VANTA for their support and training. 


As an ISO/IEC 27001-certified company, AcquisBI will follow the requirements, specifications, guidelines, and characteristics set forth by this certification. We will ensure that we consistently offer software processes and services that meet world-class standards. The ISO certification also means that our software services are safe, reliable, and meet international standards. 


By achieving ISO/IEC 27001, we can anticipate our customers' needs. Additionally, we can demonstrate our commitment to providing quality service, effective cost, and timely delivery. Along with continuous maintenance of our certification, we will continually dedicate ourselves to constant improvement and development by reviewing our quality management system and quality policies and continue to serve each client with high-quality and consistent service as we keep investing in technology, product development, processes, and procedures.


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