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A solution for all sectors of the health care industry
when we need it the most.

The AcquisHEALTH platform is the system that bridges the gaps in all of the sectors of the healthcare system, from patient to provider, from researcher to hospital administrators, by combining a patient portal, single care record, and EHR into one powerful, single platform that securely keeps and shares data, information and results in real-time to the right people at the right time.

A New Era of Healthcare Communities and Patient Empowerment

Where poverty and health were previously associated, today, lack of awareness and exercise is a killer across borders, ethnicity, and economic groups.


Healthcare costs have skyrocketed without any significant correlation to improved health, and providers are in need of more help than ever. AcquisHEALTH aims to change healthcare strategies for the better to reduce costs and improve health outcomes by: 


  • Integrating community healthcare and patient-generated data into patients' records to improve access to safe, complete, and current healthcare information regardless of where a patient needs care.

  • Reducing hospitalization by enabling care teams to connect patients with exercise rehabilitation programs and other ancillary programs as part of a whole health strategy.

  • Provide multiple integrated healthcare interfaces to align more closely with health professionals' needs so they are better informed and can focus on the patient rather than the technology. 

Sensors in the Healthcare Industry

Sensors have become part of people's activity lifestyle and are now expanding into the health management arena.

As technology and healthcare become more personalized and intertwined, AcquisHEALTH provides a platform for genuinely integrated healthcare management, clinical trial management, and wellness programs. Our dynamic, customizable patient health dashboards can provide aggregated data visualization from medical and lifestyle sensors integrated across AcquisHEALTH for patients, research teams, and clinicians.


Improving Clinical Trial Management
Without Barriers

Clinical Trials are complex to set up and administer. Using outdated solutions like paper-based reports or excel spreadsheets leads to fragmented trial administration and data management - and loss of precious time and funds.

AcquisHEALTH Clinical Trials with integrated study management in one healthcare integration platform allows you to define trial workflows, controls, compliance, and trial activity in a single application interface while enabling integration with other healthcare systems, sensor devices, and patient-generated data.

See real-time compliance and results in AcquisHEALTH dynamic dashboards and share patient information and results at the right time with the right people.

Clinical Trial .jpg
Exercise Therapeutics and
Ancillary Collaboration

With AcquisHEALTH, physicians can make integrated secure referrals to hospitals, post-operative rehabilitation, and tertiary care team without ever sending a single piece of medical information across the internet. 

AcquisHEALTH Rehabilitation solution enables program providers to set up, schedule, and coordinate group exercise programs. Administrators can manage classes and design custom program workflows to ensure proper onboarding, orientation assessments, and maintenance of medical evaluations.


These data are then in the single patient record, so primary care teams have a current and complete view of a patient's ongoing community care. 

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