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Integrate patient-generated data,
sensor data, observational data,
and medical records into a single,
secure, shareable patient record.

AcquisHEALTH  Integration

AcquisHEALTH is a healthcare platform that integrates patient data from multiple healthcare organizations into a single, immutable patient record that can be securely shared between healthcare providers and patients. This extensible platform provides integrated healthcare applications for:

  • Practice management

  • Patient portals

  • Integrated community care

  • Clinical trials

  • Rehabilitation programs


The AcquisHEALTH platform can be customized to fit any healthcare industry organization's needs. We can provide an application solution that works for you.​

Healthcare Information Systems Integration


AcquisHEALTH is developed on a microservices architecture to facilitate the real-time consumption and aggregation of health data from multiple sources.

This platform facilitates the integration of data from multiple EHRs, LIMS, practitioners, and pharmacies - plus patient-generated data from medical sensors and activity monitors.


Integrated Personalized Patient Portal

The AcquisHEALTH patient portal allows patients to access

all their health data online. Their medical data (along with

data from wearables and medical monitors) can be securely accessed in personalized dashboards that are prepared collaboratively with their clinicians and care coordinators.


Patients can export their medical data to an

encrypted, password-protected PDF File (My Heath Wallet)

for offline viewing and use whenever they need it.

Unique Multi-Level Encryption Data Security


AcquisHEALTH utilizes a novel multi-level encryption approach to ensure that a patient’s identity and medical data are fully anonymized and uniquely secured to comply with global and national data security standards such as GDPR.


Patient data are split across multiple databases - each secured with unique 256-bit encryption.



Standard International Interoperability Format


AcquisHEALTH utilizes the standard HL7& FHIR data models

and standard clinical terminologies such as Snomed/

Snowstorm CT and ICD10/11 to minimize medical errors

ensuring maximum interoperability and

(most importantly) improving patient outcomes.

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