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Enable Dynamic Participant Planning

With AcquisCONNECT integrated spatial planning framework, plan, approve, appeal and collaborate

Integrated Spatial Planning, Permitting, and Appeals

Enable multiple government agencies to collaborate internally and externally and share services to reduce IT and operational costs. Reduce costs further, with an integrated geospatial data infrastructure and integrated mapping capabilities. Improve planning operations by empowering all participants you need to complete planning, permetting, or appeal process to participate in the parts of the process which they need to access, while managing your entire process in one integrated framework.

Empowering mobility empowers your business operations with the most reliable, up to date information. 

Simplify planning operations

End-to-end online application processing with integrated geospatial and e-payment tools takes the data out of the silos and improves data quality and decisions.

  • Generate and associate all applications  based on geospatial parcel. Enable external applicants and agencies to access, upload, and track applications.

  • Users can attach, engineering drawings, site plans, signed documentation even photos and video. 

  • Improve your operations with all the relevant information in one system. 

  • Improve citizen engagement allowing them to view, track, comment on or check status of  applications.

Field planning applications and appeals 



Mobility is key to imporving decisions and data. Whether it's for field inspectors, appeals boards or citizens; mobile access to online applications is critical. It enables everyone to submit information and decisions in real-time, upload field inspection photographs, gain benefit from local knowledge and citizen feedback. AcquisCONNECT provides one source of all information for appeals, queries and reports.  

Permit planning visualization to identify conflicting events



Visualize all proposed parades, events and planning permits before approval using out geospatial review tools. Select by location, duration and date and see where proposed permit applications clash with exisiting events, parades, or public works before they become an issue.

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